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Education development for the 21st century at international level has long been seen as a way for researchers and academicians to seek for appropriate solutions on educational issues and practices.

As reported from Education Development Index (EDI) data, countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Filipina, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia are listed in EDI countries. Other countries (e.g Brunei Darussalam) are listed at a higher level, which is the level of quality of education is interpreted as relatively low.

This is consequently to broaden the access to an affordable education regardless of geographical regions and economic status as well as to improve the quality and relevance of education. Other focus would be to strengthen the governance and accountability of educational services worldwide towards the year of 2015.

The first seminar of ISQAE 2012 was held in Grand Sahid Hotel in Jakarta Indonesia between 21st and 23rd of May 2012. The seminar is being hosted annually by three different prestigious universities. The first international seminar has been hosted successfully and eventually has attracted many academic professionals to disseminate their research findings on quality and affordable education as well as actively make the most of networking opportunities among the participants.

Thus, ISQAE 2013 will be the second international seminar of its kind that it will be organized by the UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia Faculty of Education in Johor Bahru, Johor. This second international seminar will be held in KSL Hotel & Resort in Johor Bahru, Johor.

The second international seminar will primarily focus on the investigation of culture effects, the application of research findings at national and international levels and reviews on teaching and learning process. The implementation of the aforementioned concentrations will assure the quality of education is progressing and will be staying on the right track. This will also empower the quality of education in the era of globalization, and towards the human capital and state of the nation.


The 1st International Seminar on Quality and Affordable Education (ISQAE 2012) was held in Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta - Indonesia, on May 21 - 23, 2012. ISQAE 2012


ISQAE 2013: Registration Day
ISQAE 2013: Opening Ceremony
ISQAE 2013: 1st Day Presentation (8th October 2013)
ISQAE 2013: 1st Day Presentation (10th October 2013)
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